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It’s FREE until it’s CHEAP! Start using Clearly Inventory for free right now, and then only pay for what you need as you expand. Our pricing is competitive. There are no hidden charges, no seat license fees, no setup charges, and no cancellation charges—just a single flat monthly rate.  And you can have multiple inventories in your account, and only pay for the size of inventory that you need.


Free Monthly
  • 100 Items (SKU'S)
  • 5 Locations
  • 250 Statements
  • 2 Years of Data Retention
  • 1,000 Events/month
  • 1 GB of Image Storage
  • 1 User


$ 19
  • 500 Items (SKU'S)
  • 50 Locations
  • 1,000 Statements
  • 3 Years of Data Retention
  • 5,000 Events/month
  • 2 GB of Image Storage
  • Users $4.99/ea/month


$ 39
  • 5,000 Items (SKU'S)
  • 500 Locations
  • 10,000 Statements
  • 5 Years of Data Retention
  • 10,000 Events/month
  • 5 GB of Image Storage
  • Users $4.99/ea/month


$ 79
  • 25,000 Items (SKU'S)
  • 2,500 Locations
  • 50,000 Statements
  • 7 Years of Data Retention
  • 50,000 Events/month
  • 7 GB of Image Storage
  • Users $4.99/ea/month

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All for Free for a Limited Time Only (No Credit Card Required). And if you need to expand later, our affordable pricing and flat monthly rate make it easy to control your budget and your inventory.


An item is a part number, sku, product code, or another identifier. It is not related to the unit quantity of items in inventory.

A location is a description of where items in inventory are located.

Inventory Statements
An inventory statement is a single record of the current state of your items. For example, if you had the same item stored in five different locations, this would result in five different inventory statements.

Data Retention
The data retention period is the amount of time that Clearly Inventory will maintain your inventory activity history. You are always able to download and save your inventory history, and we will not delete any data without notification.

Inventory Events
An inventory event is any change in the state of your items. For example, if you put 100 items in inventory, then remove 50 items, and then remove another 10 items at a later time, this would result in three inventory events.

Storage limits are much greater than the expected usage for images. The limit is only there to guard against using Clearly Inventory for storing very large files.


A user is a separate login that can be granted access to your inventories and separately permissioned. You only pay one monthly fee for users and you can associate them with as many inventories as you like without any additional charge.