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See How Clearly Inventory Can Help With Stock Maintenance

Key Features for Stock Management


You can set low stock triggers for your items by item or by item and location.  When the low stock threshold is reached, the item will appear on restock reports, with recommended restock quantities based on the high quantity threshold’s you set.


You can specify which people receive stock out emails.  Once the low quantity threshold is reached, emails are automatically sent to let you know when items need to be restocked.


Enter the cost of items, and Clearly Inventory will calculate the current average cost weighted by quantity.  Reports make it easy to view and export the value of your inventory at any time.

Select inventory management operation screen


Clearly Inventory gives you total freedom to make changes to your inventory that match what’s going on in the real world, not the accounting world. Move items to multiple locations, adjust quantities, change serial numbers, expiration dates, convert boxes to units, and more.  Easily.


Set up Clearly Inventory your way with all the fields you need and nothing that you don’t need.  Set up custom attributes to capture the most important qualities of your items.  Filter, search, and sort inventory by any attribute you like.  


Easily track the conditions of your stock.  Set up categories like damaged, used, new, sold, on hold, quality, and more.  Stock maintenance is easy when you see at a glance the condition of all of your products.


Do you purchase products by the case and sell them by the unit?  Or need to convert tons into pounds?  We’ve got you covered.  Buy, store, and sell items in any unit of measure you choose.

Convert quantity process screen


Open a case, and convert the case to units.  Manufacture products by the pound and sell them by the ounce.  Clearly Inventory’s ability to convert units of measure in any manner you choose makes stock maintenance easy.


Do you have perishable items?  Do you need to select stock based on expiration dates?  It’s easy to search, filter, and sort your inventory based on expiration dates, due dates, use by dates, or any date you choose.  Create your own custom date fields to manage all of this an more.

Common Applications

  • Distributors
  • Wine Inventory
  • 3PL (Third Party Logistics)
  • Tool Cribs
  • Maintenance and Cleaning Supplies
  • Commisaries
  • Online Retailers
  • Emergency Services
  • Disaster Relief Agencies
  • Warehouses
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Marketing Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Bingo Card Inventory
  • Playground Surface Installers
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Nurseries
  • Jewlers

Other Features


Affordable for Teams
of All Sizes

Get started with our free version, and upgrade your stock maintenance program to a paid plan whenever you need to. There’s no set-up fees, long-term contracts, hidden charges, or consulting bills, just a very low monthly rate for each inventory and user you add to your account.


Item Images

You can associate up to four images per item. Images can be uploaded from your computer, or taken and uploaded using the mobile app.


Multiple Locations

You can store items in as many different locations as you want and easily move those items among locations.


Barcode Friendly

You can use a barcode scanner with Clearly Inventory in the same way you’d use a keyboard or other human interface device. The mobile app can be paired with a SocketMobile scanner, or you can use the camera on your phone to read barcodes.


Great Support

We actively help clients think through their inventory processes, help them configure their inventory, and even organize and upload their data. And if you call or email about an issue, you’ll connect with a real person, right away.


Custom Reports

Create, name, and save your own reports on current inventory, inventory events, and more.  Once created all custom reports are available in the “Reports” menu.


Filter and Search

It’s easy to find what you’re looking for in Clearly Inventory.  Our search and filter controls are easy to use, and have a wide variety of settings, always making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.



Configure Clearly Inventory to meet your exact needs.  Only the data you specify is requested, stored, and reported on.  No more trying to make software that wasn’t built for you try to conform to your needs.


Easy to Use

Our interface has the familiar look of a spreadsheet, and all your current inventory data is easily visible, and not obscured by a maze of forms.


Multiple Inventories

It’s easy to create multiple separate inventories whether it’s for different departments, different items, or completely different uses.  Switching among different inventories only takes a click.


Free Mobile App

Available through the Apple App Store, and Google Play, our app is free to use with a Clearly Inventory account.  You can add items to inventory, take photos, scan barcodes with a separate scanner or your phone’s camera, and do just about anything you need.



Clearly Inventory makes it easy to add multiple users and share your inventory data with them in whatever way you like.  No more wasting time answering questions from customers, vendors, or employees about stock levels.



Clearly Inventory can be used for a wide variety of situations including normal warehouse operations, art collections, pawn shops, manufacturers, charitible organizations tracking donations, tooling inventory, and so much more.


No Software

No need to worry about equipment upgrades making your inventory software obsolete.  Clearly Inventory operates in the cloud and is accessible from any device that’s connected to the internet.

Team Icon

User Permissions

Get total control over what your users can and can’t do or see. Permission by item, location, event types, and all areas of the application. Give customers or vendors access to your inventory without worrying about them doing or seeing things you don’t want them to.


Expiration Date & Serial Number Tracking

Clearly Inventory can easily handle data like serial numbers, expiration dates, lot numbers, or any other data that’s specific to individual units of items.

Our Process

We’ve been through this process with thousands of clients.  You might feel overwhelmed about the prospect of starting or migrating to a new stock maintenance system. Don’t be. We’ll do most of the work, there’s no long term commitment, and our inventory software pricing is very reasonable. Best case, you’ll become a satisfied user, worst case, you’ll get some great advice and help organizing your inventory data.  It’s that simple. And we can do it all in under 24 hours.

Here’s the typical process most customers experience.

You become frustrated with your current inventory tracking methods6 months to 20 years
Sign up for an account with Clearly Inventory30 Seconds
Name your Inventory10 Seconds
Send us your spreadsheets, data files, or scanned hand written notes1 – 2 Minutes
Clearly Inventory will contact you with any questions.1 – 3 Hours
We will convert, configure, and load your data1 – 3 Hours
Meet with our inventory specialists to review your configuration and data1 Hour
Clearly Inventory will make any changes resulting from our meeting1/2 Hour
Final Review and Approval1/2 Hour
Enjoy using Clearly Inventory for your inventory managementTimeless

Screenshots – Desktop

Screenshots – Mobile

*The set up of your account is free.  Ongoing use is subject to the monthly subscription rates based on the size of your inventory as specified on our pricing page.