Manage (Almost) Everything From the MyInventory Tab


The Item Master page allows you to control all of the attributes and settings of your items. You can edit all information about your SKUs, add custom fields, edit your SKU or Item IDs, add images, set restock levels—both restocks for your entire inventory as well as restocks by specific locations—and manage cost data, unit conversion rates, and more.


The search box and item forward and item back buttons make it easy to search and step through items. This allows you to perform tasks related to your item attributes and browse through Item Master pages.


The major tabs outline all of the Item Master areas:

  • Details: control all of the attributes of your items, attach images, create linking URLs, associate items with groups, and edit all of the above
  • Settings: control item defaults, such as location, cost, and unit of measure
  • Restock: set local and global restock triggers to alert you when items need to be reordered
  • Users: view which user can see the item
  • $Values: view individual and summary current average cost information for each item

Need to change a SKU number, Part Number, or Item ID? It's easy with Clearly Inventory. Simply click the "Edit" button, change the value, and it will automatically change the number everywhere in the system. You can also delete items that are no longer in use


Associate images from your image library with your items, right on the Item Master page. You can associate multiple images with a single item. You can also upload many images at once in the image library.


You can create custom item fields to capture only the information you need to track about your items. Most other software products throw a bunch of fields at you—some that are helpful, but some that aren't needed. Here you capture only the information that's important to you.