Screenshots - A Preview of the Clearly Inventory Management System

Screenshots From Our Online Inventory Management System

Below are thumbnail images of screenshots from a sample application. Click on any of the thumbnails to see a detailed view of the screenshot, along with brief explanations of key elements within the screenshot.

The MyInventory Page

The MyInventory page shows you everything that’s currently in stock. You can add inventory; increase, decrease, or move items; convert units of measure; apply serial numbers, expiration dates, lot numbers, or other custom data; view recent transactions; and more.

Inventory Item Master Page

The Item Master page allows you to control all of the attributes and settings of your items. You can edit all information about your SKUs, add custom fields and more.

Transactions Are Easy!

Whether you’re adding, subtracting, moving, or changing quantities, it all starts with a number. Just enter the quantity of stock that you need to act upon, and your action menu will automatically appear.